The Gallian Civil War was an armed conflict between the Legitimists and the Orléanists. The Orléanists aimed to overthrow Joseph of Gallia and install his niece Charlotte.


The previous king of Gallia chose his elder son Joseph over Charles to succeed him. After Joseph's accession, Charles was killed by an arrow.[1]



Joseph was then king of Gallia. He was supported by his familiar Sheffield.


The Orléanists first supported Joseph's younger brother Charles, Duke of Orléans and later his daughter Charlotte.


Pope Victor supported Charlotte on the throne.


Tristain supported Pope Victor in the war.

Course of the warEdit

Battle of AquileiaEdit

Gallia approached Romalia under pretense of rooting out rebellion, after which they attacked Aquileia.[2][3]


Pope Victor defeated Joseph by using void magic.[4][5][6]


Charlotte acceded to the throne as queen of Gallia.[5]


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