The Grand Duchy of Guldenhorf is a nominally sovereign state in western Halkeginia under Tristanian suzerainty. Guldenhorf is located near Tristain.[1]


Philip III of Tristain's aunt had married the brother of the previous grand duke of Guldenhorf.


Guldenhorf is a small state near Tristain.



Guldenhorf is a monarchy, in which the grand duke exercises considerable authority. The current grand duke is the father of Princess Beatrice.

Foreign relationsEdit

Guldenhorf follows Tristain's foreign policy.


Guldenhorf is militarily strong. Its military includes the Luftpanzer. Because Guldenhorf did not join the invasion of Albion, the Luftpanzer is the strongest dragon brigade in Halkeginia.


Guldenhorf has a strong economy, which lends it influence over the County of Gramont.



Guldenhorf likely has a small population.

Ethnic groupsEdit

Although Guldenhorf is aligned with Tristain, its population is of Germanian origin.[2]


Because it is aligned with Tristain but of Germanian origin, both Tristanian and Germanian may be spoken.


Guldenhorf follows Brimir's religion, led by the pope.


The society of Guldenhorf is divided into social classes: the clergy, the nobility, and the commoners.


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