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Joseph King of Gallia

Joseph was the previous King of Gallia. He was Isabella's father and Charlotte and Josette's uncle.

Early lifeEdit

He was the elder son of the king of Gallia.

Heir apparentEdit

Joseph was proclaimed his father's successor over his younger brother Charles.



Once he acceded to the Gallian throne, Joseph's brother was mysteriously killed while Joseph's wife, the Duchess of Orléans, went mad.

Gallian Civil WarEdit

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Joseph invaded Romalia, which grew into a civil war between the Legitimists and the Orléanists.


Joseph was killed in the Gallian Civil War. The Orléanists emerged victorious, bringing his niece Charlotte to the throne.

Personal lifeEdit

He had a daughter named Isabella. It is unknown who her mother is.

Titles, styles, honors and armsEdit

Titles and stylesEdit

  • His Royal Highness Prince Joseph
  • His Royal Highness The Crown Prince
  • His Majesty The King


Joseph is a descendent of Brimir through the House of Martel.


Joseph originates from the Hebrew name Yôsēp̄.