The Familiar of Zero

Josette Pretender of Gallia

Josette d'Orléans is the twin sister of Charlotte and the younger daughter of Charles, Duke of Orléans. She is a pretender to the Gallian throne and is effectively the queen by masquerading as her sister, the true queen.

Early lifeEdit

She was born the younger daughter of Charles, Duke of Orléans and his wife. She was sent to a convent per Gallian tradition regarding twins.



She acceded in her older sister Charlotte's place with the support of Pope Victor and his familiar Giulio Cesare.

Personal lifeEdit

She is the void mage of Gallia. Her familiar is the Mjöðvitnir Giulio Cesare.

Titles, styles, honors and armsEdit

Titles and stylesEdit

  • Josette d'Orléans
  • Her Majesty The Queen


Josette is a descendant of Brimir through the House of Orléans, a cadet branch of the House of Martel.


Josette is a diminutive form of Josèphe or Josephte, the feminine form of Joseph.