The Familiar of Zero

Victor XXXII Pope

Victor XXXII (Victor PP. XXXII, born Vittorio) is the current Pope of Romalia and a mage of the void.[1] His familiar is Vindálfr Giulio Cesare.

Early lifeEdit

Victor was born to a woman named Vittoria. Victor's mother was a Protestant, who escaped with the ruby of fire and took refuge in the Tristanian Protestant village of D'Angleterre.[2]



Although Cardinal Mazarin was made Pope, he refused the position to remain in Tristain. The seventeen-year-old Victor was then made Pope.


Victor opposed war within Halkeginia.[3] However, he advocated a struggle against the elves.[4]

Titles, styles, honors and armsEdit

Titles and stylesEdit


Victor is the English form of the Italian name Vittore and its variant Vittorio. It derives from the Latin victor ("conqueror").


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