The Familiar of Zero

Tiffania Westwood Half-elf
Japanese voice: Noto Mamiko

Tiffania Westwood is the daughter of an Archduke of Albion and his elvish mistress.

Early lifeEdit

Tiffania is the only daughter of an Archduke of Albion and his elvish mistress, making her a first cousin of Wales, Crown Prince of Albion and Henrietta of Tristain. Tiffania lost both her father and mother at an early age, leaving her orphaned. Her father's vassal was the father of Matilda of South Gotha, who helped her live without her parents. Tiffania managed an orphanage in Albion for children like herself in the village of Westwood, near South Gotha.[1]



After the Tristanian invasion of Albion, the children of her orphanage Jack, Sam, Jim, Emma, and Samantha discovered Hiraga Saito's body in the forest.[2] She healed Saito, who was near death.

Henrietta sent Saito and his party to Westwood to retrieve Tiffania.[3] She and Saito's party encountered Sheffield the Mjöðvitnir, but they were able to escape to Tristain.[4]


Tiffania enrolled in the Tristanian Academy of Magic. While she was initially popular, she ran into conflict with Princess Beatrice of Guldenhorf and was exposed as a half-elf. However, with Louise's help, she and Beatrice reconciled.[5]


Tiffania accompanied Louise to meet Henrietta in Romalia.[6] Tiffania met Henrietta, who explained that their fathers were brothers, making them cousins.[7]

Personal lifeEdit

Tiffinia's familiar is Hiraga Saito the Lífþrasir.


Tiffania is a descendant of Brimir through the royal house of Albion. Through her father an Archduke of Albion, she is an illegitimate member of the House of Tudor, making her James of Albion and Henry of Tristain's niece and Wales, Crown Prince of Albion and Henrietta of Tristain's first cousin. Through her mother, she is a half-elf.


Tiffania is an alternate version of the name Tiffany, which is the English form of the Greek name Theophania. The name is from the Christian feast of Theophany or Epiphany.


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